Noblesville Schools Technology Department

Canvas Web: How Students Can Save Password on iPad

1. Ensure "Block Pop-ups" is turned off by going to iPad's "Settings" - Select "Safari" - turn off "Block Pop-ups"

2. Go back to iPad's "Settings" - Open "Passwords & Accounts", turn on "AutoFill Passwords"


2. Open "Canvas Web", log in student, then tap "Save Password"

save pw prompt.jpg

3. Next time the student opens Canvas Web, they will see a blue "Use" button (which will have their student ID number next to it), it will auto-fill the username and password, and then they can tap "Log in".

blue use button.jpg

4. The student will need to tap "Allow" each time after logging in. If a student accidentally clicks "block" just swipe out and have them log back in and you can click "Allow".

allow pop ups.jpg

Thank you Kristi Smith for providing these directions!