Wifi - Running Slow or No Connection?

Running Slow? Try these tips...

1.  Have you powered down your laptop lately? Be sure to refresh your machine at least once a week. 2. Plug into ethernet, Is it faster?

3.  Check internal websites (i.e. PowerSchool or Filemaker), Are they faster?

4.  Where is the location?  It may run slower if it’s at an “edge” of a building.

5.  Check computer speed. How fast will Word or Excel launch?

6.  TA's - Check Activity Monitor, sort by CPU usage.

7.  TA's - Check Transmission Rate, hit the option key when selecting wifi connection.

No Connection?

Be sure your device is connecting to NSC_Corp (NS_Data for Freshman Campus & NWMS)2.  Be sure your date and time is correct.  If incorrect, you can auto reset by shutting down your computer, plugging in an ethernet cord (looks like a phone cord going into the wall), then power your laptop back on.  Your date & time will automatically reset.  Then you should be able to access the internet.