Noblesville Schools Technology Department

How to Create a Student or Parent/Guardian Email List in Gmail


The following steps will replace the Gradebook email tool

Step 1: Login to your PowerTeacher account (Firefox is the preferred browser for PowerSchool)

Step 2: Click on the printer icon of your first period class (AM attendance class for elementary)


Step 3: Click on the report field window and select the report you wish to run (student or parent) *Report names are now listed as 14-15 Student Email List or 14-15 Parent/Guardian List. Click Submit to run the report


Step 4: The report will automatically start to run. Click "View". In the report queue screen you may need to hit the refresh button in order to view the report's completion status and when it is ready to view. Your list should like one of the two examples below:


Step 5: Do a Select All/Copy (on a Mac press the Command and the letter A buttons together for Select All. Command and the letter C to Copy. On a PC you press the Control and the letter A buttons together for a Select All. Open Excel and paste into a spreadsheet (on Mac press Command and V or Control and V together on PC). You may get an alert message about data on the clipboard not being the same size, click Continue.

Step 6: Elementary teachers can skip to #7 Parent/Guardian List

Your Student/Class email list will look like this: (Skip to Step#7 for Parent/Guardian list)


Use the Ctrl (pc) or Cmd (Mac) button and mouse to click on the empty rows and then delete them. Delete the titles so that you are left with only email addresses. Insert a row above the email addresses (right click/ctrl click on row 1 and select "insert"). Type "Email List"


Go to File - Save As and name your spreadsheet with the Class Period name and save as a .CSV file. (Note-you many need to click Continue when you get an error message about saving as a .csv file.) Skip to Step 11 for importing into Gmail.

Step 7:
Your Parent/Guardian email report will look like this once you copy & paste into Excel. Click once on Column A to highlight the entire column. Go to Data - Text To Column option.


Choose Delimited then click Next.


After you select Comma, you should have a new column created with additional emails listed. Click Next and then click Finish.


Step 8: This is what your spreadsheet should now look like:


Select the emails in the 2nd column and Cut/Paste them into the end of the first column with the other email addresses so that all of your email addresses are listed in one column.

Step 9:
Using Cntl/Cmd and mouse you can select the empty rows and delete them so that you are left with just email addresses in one column.

Step 10: Go up to File and select Save As. Make sure to name your parent/guardian list (Parent Period 1 or Parent List 2014-15) and then save it as a .CSV file . (Note-you many need to click Continue when you get an error message about saving as a .csv file. )


You are now ready to import that file into your Google email.

Step 11: Login to your Google Mail. In the upper right corner, click on “Waffle Grid” to get a drop down list and Choose "Contacts".

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 12.42.45 PM.png

Go to "More"
Select "Import Contacts"

Locate and choose your .CSV file

Click Import

The file will be added under Contacts labeled as "Imported mm/dd/yyyy"

Highlight name and click "More" at the top of the screen to rename group.