How to set up PaperCut Secure Printers for Mac Laptops

Set up printers for both Black & White (B&W) and Color.

  1. Open System Preferences (you can find this under the Apple) and go to Printers/Faxes.
  2. If you have a “Secure Printer” in the column on the left, click on it and highlight. This is the printer that was sent out through FileWave. Then click on the Minus button (-) and delete.
  3. While in that window, you will also want to delete any of the other copier/printers listed that will be using PaperCut.


Now we are ready to setup the two new secure printers. You’ll need to set up printers for both Black & White (B&W) and Color.

  1. Click on the Plus Button (+)
  2. Choose “Secure_B&W_Printer and follow the steps (used for black and white copiers/printers only). Then you’ll need to do this again and choose “Secure_Color_Printer” (used for color copier/printers only).

That’s it!

When you send something to print, make sure that the printer icon on your doc has stopped jumping.

If you’re print job doesn’t work, make sure your key fob is under your name when you scan it at the copier.

  1. Jennifer Sebbas
    12 February, 2018