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Copying Canvas Content from One Course to Another/How to Share Content

Do NOT Copy and Paste Canvas ContentlfuqT1YGJS9IvLhP5TPDwy7g_XOqiw2cCwBlHVhgyWqAi9TyXsnWKgImoBuYRNQXhj6gfr6jtYq44HS7E105vfXZO4-WinvUfCExlyTZch47AN6Dh1kqSQ2Plwilk4jzGvdIMSvH=s1600.png

Canvas users should NOT copy (⌘C) and paste (⌘V) Canvas content from one course to another. Copying and pasting will create problems. Canvas users have several options for copying canvas content from one course to another -- either between teammates or between school years.

Click here to learn three options for sharing Canvas content with other NS Canvas users.

Thank you Kristin Patrick!