Noblesville Schools Technology Department

School WIFI - Staff Personal Device & Guest Access

Staff Personal Device:

Staff can connect one personal device to the school network by completing two steps:

1. Click here to connect personal device to NSC_Corp

2. Click here to install the Content Filter Certificate on personal device (this certificate will allow you to view encrypted sites and services such a Google, Bing, Vimeo, etc).

24hr Guest Access:

Instructions for connecting guests to the wireless network can be found here.

Long term guest or a group of guests:

The staff member requesting access for the guest will create a HelpDesk ticket including the below information. After the ticket is processed, the guest will be given an 8-digit numeric password to connect to NSC_Guest network. Their email address will be the username.

  • The guest's name (if a group, we will only need the number of guests needing access)
  • The guest's e-mail address (if a group, we will only need the company/organization name)
  • The company or organization represented
  • The 'start' and 'end' date needing network access


If you are using a personal iPad instead of a school-issued device, check with your building Technology Assistant.

  1. Jennifer Sebbas
    12 January, 2017