AirServer - What is it? How do you use it?

Please ensure you have requested this app to be installed.

AirServer is an application that allows you to mirror your iPad screen to your macbook.  If you don’t have Apple TV, you can use AirServer with your macbook to display what’s on your ipad to your projector.   Your students can also mirror to your projector (through your macbook) if you allow them.  Below are instructions for setting up AirServer on your macbook and also for wirelessly connecting your iPad to your macbook.

Open up the AirServer application on your laptop.  It probably is not in your dock, so you will want to go to your Applications folder or just click on the Spotlight Magnifying Glass in the upper right corner and type “Airserver.”

You may see an Activation box pop up the first time you open the software.  Click on the Activate button.  See below for instructions on setting up a passcode preference, which must be done the first time you use AirServer.

How to turn on passcodes for AirServer:

  1. Open AirServer

  2. Click on the AirServer icon (The one with the arrow on the top) in your menu bar and click on preferences.

  3. In your preference window, change password to on screen passcode

  1. Now when you try to connect your iPad to your AirServer, you will be prompted a code to verify on your iPad. This code will be different every time you connect your iPad and is not necessarily the same as shown below:


How to mirror your iPad screen to your Macbook

1.  Double tap the home button on your iPad.   

2. Swipe to the Right  and then tap the Airplay options button

3. Click on the laptop you are using*, then turn mirroring on.

*When you open up AirPlay, you will see all computers that have AirPlay capabilities.  You must set up a passcode preference in AirServer so that other users cannot connect to your laptop.  Note that sometimes you have to select the computer more than once on the iPad in order for the keyboard to pop up so you can type the passcode.  This passcode will be different each time you turn on AirPlay.  

Remember to turn mirroring off before typing passwords on your iPad!