Noblesville Schools Technology Department

Canvas LockDown Browser Troubleshooting

1. Ensure Airplane mode is turned off in iPad Settings

2. Complete a hard restart on the iPad (while iPad is turned off, hold power & home button letting go when Apple logo appears)

3. Re-select "Noblesville Schools" in the Setup

  • Launch Lockdown Browser
  • Click on "Settings" (gear) icon in upper left of menu bar

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 3.51.01 PM.png

  • Tap on "Set Up"

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 3.54.48 PM.png

  • Enter "Noblesville"; choose "Noblesville Schools"

If student is still experiencing issues, try the following...

1. Close all open applications (double click the home button, use a finger to swipe up on each open application)

2. Turn OFF "Request Desktop Website" (Go to Settings - Safari - open Request Desktop Website - Slide Off).

3. Clear Web Browser History (Stay in Settings - Safari - Clear History).

4. Make sure Pop-up Blockers are OFF (Stay in Settings - Safari - Block Pop-ups - Toggle OFF)

5. Go to the iPad's "Settings" - "Canvas Student" - Turn on "Allow Cross-Website Tracking" and "Reset cache on next launch."


Thank you NHS Tech, Susan Ryan!