Students and Parents,

If this is your first time creating a ticket, be sure to login using the student's school email address ( After creating your first ticket, you can login using lunchcode/student ID or email address with Canvas password.

You will receive an email from Sherpadesk (ex. <>) confirming your ticket. You can use this email to continue the conversation regarding your ticket. Please create separate tickets for new concerns.

How to Add and Retrieve Contacts on a Canon Copier/Fax/Printer PaperCut Account

How to scan and send a document to an NS employee:

1. Login to Cannon device using your Fob or by typing your first_lastname and password.

2. Select “Use Copier”.

3. Choose “Scan and Send”.

4. Select “To LDAP Server” (top right)


5. Hit “OK”

6. Search by staff member's first name


How to add a contact that is not an NS employee:

1. Login to Cannon device by using Fob or by typing first_lastname and password.

2. Select “Use Copier”

3. Choose “Dest./Fwd. Settings” (bottom left)


4. Click on “Register Destination”


5. Select “Register New Destination” (top right)


6. Choose the type of contact (Fax number, email, & etc).


7. Enter contact’s name and information.