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Google Assignments in Canvas

Google Assignments enables schools and instructors using learning management systems (LMS) like Canvas to use G Suite for Education tools with their assignment workflows, including:

  • Distributing personalized Google Drive templates and worksheets to students
  • Enabling students to submit Google Drive files as assignments
  • Analyzing student work for plagiarism and fostering authentic writing with originality reports
  • Providing feedback and grades which sync to the LMS gradebook

How can I use Assignments and Drive in Canvas?

Use Assignments as an external tool for assignments

Allow students to submit Drive files and grade them with SpeedGrader

Embed Drive files with the rich text editor

Add Drive files to Modules

Here are three quick "how to" videos from Google about using with Canvas, they have them on YouTube!

How to Grade with Assignments

How to use Assignments within Canvas

How to use Originality Reports

Here is a live stream from Google covering all of the new features of the Assignments LTI: