Noblesville Schools Technology Department

School Owned Elem KindleFire: Connect to Wifi and Set-up Blio&Axis360

Instructions for Kindle Fire HD

To connect to wireless:

Swipe down from the top

Select Wireless

Select Wi-Fi

Select NSC_corp





Scroll further down

Identity:      elem_student

Anonymous – leave empty

Password:   Building TA will use the password assigned to this profile

Click on Connect 

When you first connect there may be an x on the wifi symbol on the top of the device, but it should disappear after a few seconds.

To install Blio on a Kindle Fire:

1. Start from your Kindle Fire “Home” screen.

2. Swipe down from the top to get the toolbar.  Tap "Settings". (It’s the icon that looks like a gear.)

3. Tap "applications".

4. Turn on "Apps from unknown sources”.

5. Go back to the Home page

6. Tap “Web” in menu on top of Kindle

7. Go to: .

8. Select Blio 3.1.3 PROD.apk .

It will download and ask you to install. 

If it does not then click on menu at the top left (3 lines)

Click on Downloads

Download Blio

(another way to get to Downloads is to swipe left to right on screen)

9.  Download Complete”.

10. Click on the Blio download and the permissions list will appear.

11. Tap “Next” then “Install”. Installation will begin.

12. When installation is complete, tap “Done”.

13. Tap “Home”.

Axis 360 App on Kindle Fire Devices 2nd Generation and later (updated 2017)

  1. Download the axis360 app from the Amazon App store
  2. Open the app and search for your library (On Adobe ID screen click ‘Later”)
  3. After selecting your library (Browse to Noblesville Elementaries), enter your login information
  4. To find a book, scroll through Just Added titles on the My Library page, or tap Browse to browse by subjects, or tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper right to Search for items by title, author and keyword.
  5. Tap the cover image of a book to get more information. Books with a Book icon will be e-books. Books with a Headphone icon will be audio books.
  6. When you are ready to borrow, just tap Checkout, then select your desired format from the prompt at the bottom of the page.
  7. If you have checked out an audiobook, tap Listen Now to begin listening to your audiobook. If you have checked out an e-book, tap Read Now to begin reading your e-book.

Instructions found at

To put Blio and Axis 360 in home menu of Kindle:

Go to Apps in menu on top of devise

Select Device (not Cloud) in top right of screen

Hold down on Blio app and select ‘Add to Home’ in drop down menu that appears. Repeat with the Axis app.

Reset Kindle Fire HD to factory settings:

This will remove all personal information, Amazon account information, downloaded content and applications.

Swipe down from the top

Click on Settings

Click on Devise Options

At bottom of list click on Reset to Factory Defaults

Click Reset

When setting the Kindle up after Resetting it to factory default skip the wireless set up – Click on  ‘Complete Setup Later’ . Then click OK.  When you reach the home page proceed to set up wireless using instructions in first part of this document.

Register Kindle

Settings >

My Account



When it is registered it will be registered to Kindle Blio and give you a kindle email


This can be used to send documents to save them.

Article by Jan Carney