Setting Up Your Google+ Profile

Go to and click on "+You"

If you are logged in to gmail, just go to in your browser (preferably Chrome) and click on the +You link.

Start Setting Up Your Profile

You can add a picture if you choose. Then select your gender and birthday and continue.

Add People

You can always add people later, but if you want you can add a few of your friends or coworkers for starters. Some people may have more than one Google+ profile, so if you are looking for their school Google+ profile just put in their email address.

Build Your Personal Learning Network

You can also follow other people and pages as well as businesses on Google+. Some people use this almost like they would use Twitter.

Optional Information

You may also wish to add your employer, job title, where you have gone to school and where you live. All of this information is optional. You would add it if you wanted to help people locate you on Google+.

Your Gmail Toolbar

Your gmail toolbar will be updated and now you'll see a link to your Google+ page, notifications (the bell) and also your profile picture. You'll also start noticing your profile picture in Google Drive on shared documents and folders. And you can share photos, links, videos and even events right from the "share" link in your gmail toolbar.

Setting up Your Google+ Profile

Further Help

If you need more help, checkout the Help Pages for Google+. Or contact a Technology Instructional Coach.