Noblesville Schools Technology Department

How to Resolve Elmo Issues

Discoloration Issues - Hit the source search button on the projector remote (or change the input to a different source and then back to the one you are using), the purple screen/discoloration could go away when the image resets.

All Issues...

  • Tighten the cords on the back of the Elmo and on the wall connection.
  • Check the small switch on the side of the Elmo to ensure it is on the projector settings.


If needed, please create a HelpDesk ticket for the building TA to troubleshoot further for you. Note if the issue is also happening when using the Apple TV.

Building Techs ONLY:

If the above does not resolve the issue, try the following...

  • A new VGA Cord
  • A different Elmo
  • Connect the Elmo directly in to the projector to see if the issue still occurs
  • Create/Transfer Helpdesk ticket to the AV Queue with the steps you have taken and the results if the issue is not resolved.