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How to use Gmail offline

Gmail Offline is a Gmail app built to support offline access, allowing mail to be read, responded to, searched and archived without network access. After first start-up, Gmail Offline will automatically hold messages and actions anytime Chrome is running and will send as soon as an internet connection is available. 

Installing Gmail offline for Google Chrome (no admin password required)

To use Gmail offline with Google Chrome, you’ll need to install a new app. To install the app:

  1. Go to the app's page in the Chrome Web Store and click the Install button.
  2. Click Continue and Install at the prompts to approve installation to your browser.

The app will now appear on Chrome’s New Tab page. You can start using it immediately.

When you first use Gmail Offline, you will be prompted to allow offline mail storage. If you choose not to allow offline mail storage, you can continue to use Gmail Offline (while online), but no mail will be stored on your browser and therefore no mail will be available offline. If you change your mind, you will be prompted again the next time you start Gmail Offline.

If, after you choose to allow offline mail, you’d prefer to no longer synchronize your mail to the computer you're using, you can always choose to remove offline data and uninstall the app by following the steps outlined in this article.

Depending on how many messages you have, it will take some time initially to sync your mail.

To start Offline Gmail after installing, open a new tab in Chrome; In the new tab pane you will see a Gmail Offline Icon. Click on the icon, and Offline Gmail will load.