Changing your computer to default to 1 sided printing

To make 1-sided option available at all times for all print jobs, complete the following...

  1. Open a Microsoft Word document.
  2. Go to Print, as if you were printing the document.
  3. Pull down on the printer bar and choose “Secure_B&W_Printer”. You need to use the Secure B&W printer and NOT the Secure Color printer.
  4. Click on the “Copies & Pages” pull down bar.
  5. Drag down to “Finishing”.
  6. Click on the Print Style, “2-sided Printing” and choose “1-sided Printing”.
  7. To save this setting, so click on the “Default Settings” and drag down to “Save Current Setting as Preset…”.
  8. You can choose rename the Preset as "1-Sided"
  9. Be sure to click on the button next to “All printers”. If you forget to do this, it will only work on the "Secure_B&W_Printer".

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 8.26.12 AM.png

Changing from 2-sided to 1-sided to print a window in Chrome:

This Apple system preference doesn’t always translate with Google Chrome. To change your page to print 1-sided in Chrome, you will need to follow an extra step.

1. After you select "Print" in Chrome, open the "Print using system dialogue" option and select your "1-Sided" Preset.

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 8.29.04 AM.png