Noblesville Schools Technology Department


Families that connected to Seesaw previously should not need to connect again.

Enable Family Access

Teachers will need to manually "Enable family access" by clicking on the wrench icon to view class settings.

Seesaw Class Setttings screenshot.png

Add Students to Class

How to Add an Existing Student or Create Brand New Student to Your Class (Teachers):

1. Sign in to your Seesaw account on a computer (unavailable on mobile devices at this time)
2. Click on the "Wrench" icon in the top right corner
3. Select "Manage Students"
4. Enter the Student ID/lunchcode (for the demo student they can put 'DemoTeacherName')
5. Follow the prompts to add the student to your class

Student and Parent Access:

  • Student activities are available on the Class App only if using a mobile device, the Family App is used for parental observation. Students are unable to interact with Seesaw content through the Family app. Exception: if a student accesses Seesaw from a laptop or desktop computer, there is no need to worry about Class app/Family app.
  • K-3 families will access Seesaw one of two ways
    • Login directly with Google credentials (email address + network password)
    • Scan in with Clever Badges - I would NOT recommend sending home Seesaw QR codes
  • Trusted Networks feature is enabled for Noblesville Schools - students will NOT be able to see peer posts away from school (slide 9 for more info)
  • Teachers should use Announcements feature for communication on elearning Days (slide 10 for video)