Captive Portal Troubleshooting

Access Captive Portal:

All students should access the Captive Portal at home prior to accessing any materials on the iPad (be sure to sign in every 4hrs as access will time out).

Click here for the NEMS Tech Team YouTube video demonstration on accessing the Captive Portal.

Troubleshooting Steps:

To fix any Captive Portal or network issues at home, student should follow these steps (in order of number sequence)...

1. Update iPad Software (if already updated, go to Step 2)

2. Grades 4-12 iPad, Turn OFF "Request Desktop Website" (Go to Settings - Safari - open Request Desktop Website - Slide Off). Grades K-3 will not have this option.

3. Clear Web Browser History (Stay in Settings - Safari - Clear History). Click here for video instructions

4. Make sure Pop-up Blockers are OFF (Stay in Settings - Safari - Block Pop-ups - Toggle OFF)

5. Complete a hard restart (hold home & power button at the same time, letting go once the iPad turns black and Apple logo appears)

6. Open Captive Portal Web Clip (looks like an App on your iPad) & click on "Login with Google"

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 3.20.40 PM.png

Click here for YouTube video demonstration of these troubleshooting steps.

Steps 1-5 are troubleshooting steps if you are experiencing issues. Step 6 should always be done every time you use the school iPad off Noblesville campus.

Last Revised on March 12, 2020