ThinkCentral Level Readers

How to play ThinkCentral Level Readers using Acrobat Reader version XI:

1.  Go to and log in as a teacher. The Teacher dashboard will appear.
2.  Click on the Resources tab. The available resources will display.
3.  Click on Journeys Leveled Readers for the desired grade. The Vocabulary Readers window will appear.
4.  Click on the desired geometric shapes and select the desired lesson. A .pdf file of the lesson will display.
5.  Save the .pdf file on your desktop. The file will be saved.
6.  Open the saved .pdf file and click on "Acrobat" in the top gray bar. The Edit menu options will appear.
7.  Click on Preferences. The Preferences menu will display.
8.  Click on the Security (enhanced) tab and uncheck “Enable Enhanced Security”.  Click "OK".
9.  Reopen the application at it's saved location
10.  You will be asked to allow the security change to the document.  After accepting, the speaker icons will work.