Inserting a Movie file on SchoolWires

SchoolWires offers users the ability to insert movie files on a Flex Editor page. The following file types may be inserted: AVI, MP3, MP4, WAV or WMV

  • Create a new Flex Editor page.

  • Add a title and or description at the top of page. (optional)

  • Place the cursor in the editor where you would like the file inserted.

  • Select the Insert Rich Media icon in the editor.

  • The Insert Rich Media Object window will open, select Apple QuickTime Movie or Sound.

  • Click the Browse button to navigate to the file on your computer.

  • Click the Existing File button to search for a file already uploaded.

  • Select the file, then click Insert File.

  • Once the file has been added, set the playing options:

    Start Playing automatically:

    Yes: the movie will automatically
    begin upon entering the page.
    No: viewer will have to click Play

    Show playback controls:

    Yes: the player controls will be
    visible including play, pause,
    stop, etc. (recommended)

    No: no controls will appear

    Loop Continuously:

    Yes: movie will repeat

    No: movie will only play once.

Click Insert when finished.

The movie file will now be inserted on the Flex Editor page.

  • Use the tools on the editor to center the object and/or add any
    additional information to the page.

  • Be sure to click Save when finished.

  • Be sure to test the movie file on your site! 

    Created By: J. Gilmartin 09/11

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