TA - Setting Up Personal iPad

  1. Set-Up Wifi
    1. Take picture of the About screen in settings (serial number etc.)
    2. Send this to Ben or Matt with the following information: School, Name, Lunch code & Graduation year
    3. After they (Ben or Matt) have it set up you can connect to the network to disable Apple ID if there is one on it. You will need to get the Apple ID password to do this.
    4. Wipe iPad and set up Wifi with student’s info then stop.
  2. Connect it to Apple Configurator
    1. Prepare
    2. Manual
    3. Server – do not enroll in MDM
    4. Check Supervise
    5. Check All devices to pair with other computers
    6. Organization - Noblesville Schools
    7. Check Location Services
    8. Click on Prepare
  3. Finish setting up on iPad
    1. Open Safari, go to https://fwmaster.nobl.k12.in.us:20443
    2. Continue
    3. 1 Install Certificate
    4. complete
    5. Enable fwmaster.nobl.k12.in.us
    6. Continue
    7. Go back to Safari - #2 Enroll Device - Use student’s ID and password to log in
    8. Continue through these steps to complete process


If it won’t install certificate check to make sure the time is correct on iPad.

If it still won’t work Restore iPad and start again.

  1. Jennifer Sebbas
    17 August, 2017