Why does Image Mate stop recording?

When using the ELMO TT-02RX and Macbook Pro laptops, running OS 10.9, the Image Mate software may stop recording after approx.15-18 minutes of run-time on its own.

This is was the response from their tech support:

Hello Janet,


                The Image Mate software will end a record prematurely once the system buffers and temp directories reach their limits.  There is no setting that allows for a predetermined amount of recording.  In addition, the recordings maybe automatically cut themselves into more than one file, temporarily pausing the recording to create a new file.  These phenomenon are normal and unavoidable. 


David Myott - Service Manager

ELMO USA CORP. - www.elmousa.com

Tel: 516.501.1400 x118 - Fax: 516.501.0429

Thank you Janet Catlett for researching!