Webzones - What is it? How to set-up!


Webzones allow teachers to specify rules of what web sites the students can or cannot access. Teachers can also override existing content filter rules.

For Example, a teacher wants students to research on how special effects are produced in movies. They have five web sites for their sixth graders to use for research, but two of them are blocked by the content filter. These websites can be added to a web zone. The teacher can also specify that the student can only access these 5 websites to be browsed and block all other sites. Once a student has joined that web zone, these blocked sites will now be accessible for the browsing session. Time limits are also offered on a browsing sessions.

How to Create?

  1. Go to TeacherWebZone.png login using first_lastname and school password (not email address). Click here to go to District BookMark page for additional link.
  2. Click "Add Zone" and Add Name & Description (i.e. Name - Ms. Sebbas, Description - Special Effects in Movies). Click Save.
  3. Click on new Web Zone to make active.
  4. Select "Rules" add the URL's students can access or those that you chose to block (Do not include the protocol (http:// or https://) in your domain rules)
  5. Hit the "play" button and select the time remaining for your Web Zone to be available.

How do students join?

  1. After creating the Web Zone, direct students to open Student%20Webzone.png found on their iPad.
  2. Student will then enter by using your Web zone name
  3. You can check students who joined your Web Zone by selecting the "Users" tab.