TA - Backing Up using a Lacie External Hard Drive

External Hard Drives are usually used for Administrators.  These staff members do not have accounts on the server and therefore back-up their information on an external hard drive, typically a Lacie.  The following steps are directions on how to set it up for the first time:

Step 1:  Plug external hard drive into laptop.

Step 2:  Go to System Preferences - Choose Time Machine 

Step 3:  Turn Time Machine On and Hit "Select Back-up Disk"

Step 4:  Choose the external hard drive that appeared after plugging it into the device.  You may also choose to rename it with the user's name.

Step 5:  Select "Options" on the Time Machine's preference window.  Hit the "+" to Exclude items from back-up.  The hard drive should already be listed as it does not need to back up itself.  You will also want to exclude the Applications folder and System folder (both found by searching within the Hard Drive).

Step 6:  Time Machine will also have the option to add the icon to the machine's top gray bar. Select it and hit "Back-up now" to ensure it is working and configured correctly.